why documentary?

If you parent small children you’ve probably heard the expression that the days are long, but the years are short. It’s a cliché because it’s true. When you’re in the heart of those long days it’s easy to overlook all the beauty in the monotony and mundane:

The feel of those chubby little toddler arms encircling your legs while you try to make dinner.

The big wet tears that flow down rosy cheeks over disappointments that are so easily repaired.

The sound of bickering between a brother and sister who love each other every bit as fiercely as they fight with each other. (Yes, even the bickering has beauty.)

The way your preschooler sticks her tongue out and furrows her brow with total concentration while she draws you a masterpiece with her crayons.

The sweet-smelling warm weight of your baby’s head on your chest as you rock him to sleep.

Those moments that happen every day, the ones that are seemingly insignificant, are the moments that define your family and the love you have for each other.

They are the moments that will comfort you when your baby boards the school bus for the first time and as you drop him off at college his freshman year.

They are the moments that give you strength when your teen is suddenly embarrassed by your existence and insists you don’t know ANYTHING at all.

They are the moments you will want to record so that you can travel back in time and remember exactly the way you felt during those long days that rushed by way too quickly.

They are the moments your kids will love to examine as they grow and change and eventually start families themselves.

Bottle those moments up. Save them and cherish them. Document your life as a family exactly as your family is right now.

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